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What future do we want to live in?

On a farm near you,  Martin and Becky seek to find their way through three futures of flood, fire and drought; does their estranged daughter Aimee hold the secret to survival?


This unique show blends searing drama and insightful debate, through sharing three vividly imagined versions of our future, and inviting you to explore and discuss the climate crisis in close-up.


Written by leading dramatist of the climate crisis Steve Waters (The Contingency Plan, Song of the Reeds) and directed by theatre-maker and activist Kay Michael (Extinction Rebellion, Culture Declares Emergency, Letters to the Earth). Each show will be accompanied by opportunities for responses by audiences and key figures in climate emergency thinking  including visionary eco-philosopher Prof Rupert Read, whose book: This Civilisation is Finished inspired Steve to write this drama. 

To read more take a look at Rupert Read's article in the Eastern Daily Press


Audience Feedback

‘Invites practice in the world beyond today’

‘Superb, impactful’

‘Such a high quality of writing, performance and debates’

‘So much information
hand-in-hand with story-telling
is powerful’

The team



Sustainable working practices

LJ Hope Productions is managing this production in accordance with Theatre Green Book Principles. Everyone involved in the production design has been asked to abide by the following principles: 


Do more with less

  • Design and make that which is essential, being particularly mindful of cutting elements of the design after construction

  • Save materials e.g. by using digital solutions


Use more reused components and recycled materials

  • Consider using and adapting scenic, props and costume elements from ROH stores

  • Consider refashioning or purchasing pre-used items



Make conscious material choices

  • Be mindful of the origin of materials

  • Use a comparable biodegradable or recyclable product if one is available, and always select such a product over one that is single use.


Reduce the use of harmful chemicals and processes

  • Use FSC accredited wood and sheet materials

  • Use Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and dyes


Enable a future life of designed elements

  • Support the production teams to enable future use through the design, construction method, and materials chosen


Reduce travel of materials

  • Deliver designs in a timely manner to reduce the need for couriers and last minute purchasing

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